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The best pizza in Pacific Beach San Diego

Craving a slice of perfection in Pacific Beach? Look no further than Flamingo Deck. This vibrant San Diego haven has become synonymous with mouthwatering pizzas that tantalize taste buds and ignite culinary dreams. Let’s explore why Flamingo Deck reigns supreme for pizza in Pacific Beach.


Pizza Pleasures at Flamingo Deck:


  1. A Timeless Craving: We know pizza hunger knows no time limits. Flamingo Deck proudly serves up delectable pizza creations from 4 pm to 10 pm, ensuring your pizza desires are satisfied whenever they beckon.


  1. Classics, Amplified: Our menu pulsates with an array of classic and inventive pizzas, each handcrafted with the finest ingredients. The classics are our foundation, and none shines brighter than the Classic Margherita Pizza. Buffalo mozzarella, basil, and San Marzano tomato weave a timeless tapestry of flavors that never fails to impress.


  1. Pepperoni Paradise: For those who love the spicy-savory tango, our Pepperoni Pizza takes center stage. Mozzarella and parmesan cheese waltz gracefully with the zesty pep, creating a symphony of flavors that pizza devotees applaud with every bite.


  1. Spice Up Your Slice: Craving a pizza with a fiery kick? Our Spicy Salami Pizza is a must-try. Calabrian chili, fontina, thyme, and honey join forces to ignite your taste buds with a spicy, savory, and slightly sweet masterpiece.


  1. Elegance on a Plate: Flamingo Deck elevates pizza to new heights with the Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza. Smoked mozzarella, red onion, prosciutto, and arugula harmonize into a sophisticated and flavorful symphony, perfect for those seeking a touch of pizza panache.


  1. A Mushroom Celebration: Our Wild Mushroom Pizza is an ode to earthiness. Taleggio cheese, porcini mushrooms, caramelized onions, and parsley orchestrate a delectable melody that satisfies mushroom enthusiasts and pizza lovers alike.


  1. Bold and Beautiful: If you yearn for a pizza with flavors that pack a punch, the Pamplona Pie is your champion. Mozzarella, chorizo, chili, parmesan cheese, and romesco sauce weave a tapestry of bold, beautiful, and utterly delicious flavors.


The Flamingo Deck PB Pizza Distinction:


Our commitment to serving Pacific Beach’s finest pizzas goes beyond our exceptional menu. Here’s what makes our pizzas stand out:


  • Premium Ingredients: We source the choicest ingredients, ensuring each pizza is a testament to quality and taste.
  • Artisan Craft: Our skilled chefs orchestrate each pizza with precision and passion, guaranteeing every bite is a flavorful experience.
  • Inviting Atmosphere: The vivacious and welcoming ambiance at Flamingo Deck enhances your pizza journey.

The Finale:


When it comes to the best pizza in Pacific Beach, Flamingo Deck is the star of the show. From classic favorites to innovative creations, our menu is a masterpiece of culinary dedication, promising an unparalleled dining experience. Visit Flamingo Deck today and embarks on a pizza adventure that will redefine your Pacific Beach pizza expectations!

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Flamingo Deck
4110 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 263-4205


Monday – Thursday | 12pm – 12am
Friday | 12pm – 2am
Saturday | 10am – 2am
Sunday | 10am – 12am

Happy Hour
Monday  – Friday | 4pm – 7pm